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A Review of Stephen Porter's - The Tower of London The Biography - by Emma of The Tudor Roses

I was extremely pleased when I picked up this book to start reading! I love to read about people from history and what happened, why and when, but this book is about the ‘where’ it happened!

Cover of The Tower of London The Biography - by Stephen Porter


For me growing up in London the Tower was the most important part of London as it was the first place I visited when I was just 4 years old. I have always been pulled to the Tower so to have a book like this about it, well, let us just say I was excited.


Anyway, enough reminiscing and back to the book, as I said it is great to have a book on one place and the events that happened there but also how and when changes were made to the castle. It starts at the birth of the Tower in 1066 after the Battle of Hastings explaining why William the Conqueror built the castle in the probably the most important city in the country. The book does this all the way though so it is very good as you can see the changes as they happen.


.The book really takes you through the stages of the Tower’s life and is well sectioned which is a great help when wanting to look back at certain points in the book as I am sure we all do!


As I have said it goes through the history of the Tower breaking it down and giving you a real sense of how the Tower changes and when, plus it covers the ‘who’. It is a real insight into the past but I cannot say too much or I will spoil the read for you and it is a must read for lovers of old buildings or the events in and around them. There are an amazing amount of photos showing the past and present Tower!


It is very well accounted for and there were things in it that I have not read before, the detailing is great. The book also goes into the lives of the people that lived and worked there and how their lives were affected with the changing role of the castle and the monarch and how they adapted.


Final conclusion; a very good book and should go to the top of your ‘to buy list’. It is a new and refreshing look at a building we all know and love.



(Emma Fuery)



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