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A right royal review on Royal Sex: The Scandalous Love Lives of the British Royal Family and Royal Babies: A History 1066-2013

I thought I would keep this book blog very 'royal' and cover not one but two books both based on the royal family.


The first book is Royal Sex: The Scandalous Love Lives of the British Royal Family by Roger Powell.  This book is a very interesting read and I enjoyed it immensely. It is also a gold mine if you like genealogy as the author has really done his research in to this area, maybe even sometimes getting lost in it which shows how he enjoyed writing about it. The book starts with the Tudors then moves its way down to the royal family we know and love today. Some dynasties do tend to get more air time than others. I like how the book makes the genealogical links between the families of the royal mistresses; I did not realise how many of the families were linked until reading this book. Powell gives a good insight on the royal family’s love lives and it is an entertaining read if you want to know what the royals and their mistresses got up to between the sheets; this is a book you will want to read if you like scandal. Liking the Tudor's I was very interested in that part of the book! I do not want to say much more as I would give away details so I will leave it to you to read and enjoy.


Roger Powell Royal Sex


The second royal book is Royal Babies: A History 1066-2013 by Amy Licence. Now we were all waiting with excitement on the birth on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby but maybe more so was Amy as she needed a photo for her front cover! This is a great book and it gives details on certain royal pregnancies and babies born from 1066 right up to Prince George of Cambridge. The book shows how the processes surrounding birth has changed throughout the years, which is interesting to look at the ups and downs of child birth for the mothers and their babies. The book is very well researched and the detail that is put into it is great! There is information on the maternity of the women that were giving birth and where these births took place, along with what they used to help aid these women. As well as some of the things you may have read before about mothers making offerings and going on pilgrimages to holy places and shrines, there are lots of thing that you, and I,  may not have heard of before - which is always good when reading a book like this. The book also dispels some of the misconceptions that we have about birth in the days gone by. Reading this book does make you feel thankful that we now know so much about pregnancy and child birth and that we do not have to deal with what some women went though; the heart ache of losing so many children and the great risk to their lives doing what we now do with a lot more safety. A book not to be missed!


Amy Licence Royal Babies


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