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Hello everyone. First of all we must give you all a very big sorry for not updating the blog! We have just been so busy doing events and then back to the mundane personal life stuff and it just takes over, Lady Emma’s laptop being down has helped either, but we back. So we have been to many event this year, we’ve been to Hedingham, Sudeley, Leeds and Hever Castles. We also visited The Vyne (National Trust property), Layer Marney Tower, Ingatestone Hall and the Cowdray Ruins. We also helped Restore Rochester Castle Charity with their events and the Nonsuch Awareness Day. One highlight was taking part in Spookfest 2012 by Compass Paranormal at Dudley Castle. So lots of events done this year and if you want to see the photos from these please visit our Facebook page ( ) where they are all available to see – the website needs updating.. We will though be adding them to the website soon so stay tuned for them.

We have had amazing time at the places we have been to and would like to say thank you to all them for having us!

There have also been some changes to the Roses - We have now been joined by Lady Francesca and Lady Rachel, also with two new small additions, those being Lady Emma’s sons Jonny and Matthew, as young Lords! We have also been lucky to have some of our friends come and join us as guest Roses so we would love to say thank you to them. Then we would like to say congratulations to Jason and Louise whose wedding we took part in, in full Tudor garb.

We have also been lucky to have been joined by no other than King Henry VIII himself (aka Mike or Good King Hal - do go and check him out) to many events with his madgeness even asking us ladies to join him at Nonsuch. Thank you your grace for a lovely year and here’s to the next!

As you may have heard Sir Eric Ives, OBE, passed away on 25th September this year. We send our love and condolences to his family and friends. Darren and Emma were very lucky and privileged to meet Professor Ives in May at the Blicking Hall Boleyn Festival where he gave a brilliant talk on Anne Boleyn. Taking into account Emma’s report on meeting him the year before and his talk he did then we can safely say that Eric Ives’ talks were just amazing as are the books he leaves as his legacy. Professor Ives was inspirational to anyone that were lucky enough to meet him or read his books and will be sadly missed not only by his family but his many, many fans

So I am going to end it here for now but I will get another blog up with more details of what we did at some of the events.

Lots of love to you all from all of The Tudor Roses x

(Lady Emma)

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