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Hello Everyone!

Just thought we would do a little update blog. We hope everyone is well and had a good Christmas and New Year?


We wanted to let you know that we have made some small changes to the website, one being The Rose Garden. The Rose Garden is where you can get to know a little bit more about us and how we came to love the Tudors. This will keep being updated so don’t forget to keep checking back in on it as we bloom! Sadly Lady Francesca and Lady Erica haven’t been able to do theirs yet as they have been very busy working and being at university.


We also plan a few other changes to the website in due course, one of these will be adding dates for events.


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We would like to take this moment before we end this short Blog to thank everyone for the support you have given us. It really means a lot to us...Thank you!


Lots of love and hugs

From everyone at The Tudor Roses

The Tudor Roses, just missing Darren's photo; sorry!


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