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Lady Emma accompanies the King to Barrington Court

On Sunday Emma, Darren and their two boys accompanied Henry VIII (aka Good King Hal) to Barrington Court in Somerset for a walk around in the lovely spring sunshine (yes it looks like we may start getting some good weather).


Emma took the chance to show off her Katherine Parr dress and jewels by being Katherine Parr while her two sons Jonny and Matty was Prince Edward and Sir Matthew of Rochester respectively. Darren as always was there to catch every moment with his camera! Once we were ready the king showed us around the amazing house and told us all about it. We learnt a lot of interesting things and I even pointed out a thing or two that the King had missed after all these years.


After walking around the house it was time to take air in the garden which was lovely and in bloom. While walking in the garden we chatted to the visitors there for the day. Amusingly there was a moment when Matthew slipped on the gravel and nearly ended up as another statue in the pond - boys will be boys!


While at Barrington we did our FRIST video blog for you as we know that many of you cannot make it to the lovely places we go to, so we decided to do something that no one else has done and bought the day to you! We will be doing this at all the places we go so keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages to see them!


We were not the only ones there that day as there was a group teaching dancing! There was also a choir which I am sure the king enjoyed as much as he enjoyed Anne of Cleves and Catherine Howard put together!


After another walk around we got changed and went and had a lovely chat over a cuppa before it was time for us all to head for home! Thank you to the King for having us with him at the lovely Barrington Court and hope to be back there with you one day soon.


A Rose, Two Thorns & A King At Barrington Court


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