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Lady Emma review of the V & A Museum exhibition -Treasures of the Royal Courts: Tudors, Stuarts and the Russian Tsars.

On 18th May I went to the V&A to see their new exhibition - Treasures of the Royal Courts: Tudors, Stuarts and the Russian Tsars.


It really is a must see for lovers of the above periods and for me it was like I was in heaven and I did not want to leave! Kid in the candy shop I was and I wanted to take a lot of it home!


When you walk into the exhibition you are greeted by a line of heraldry beasts on striped poles and next to those are a couple of leopards of England (known as the Kyngs Beasts). From that you move on to some different types of armours and then it is paintings, drawings and stained glass in which you could just lose yourself looking at as there is so much detail in them.

Heraldic Beasts



Next you move on to jewels and some plate along with cups, knives and clocks; yet again you could stand there looking for hours at the work that has gone in to each and every single item - it is just mind blowing.

Pelican Pendant



There are many items of fabric; a pair of gloves, cushion covers and many other amazing items but I was very happy to see Elizabeth I’s Falcon napkin which was just beautiful with so much detail. There are many more painting, jewellery, statues and even a replica model coach!

Elizabeth I's Falcon Napkin



It is truly a feast for anyone’s eyes whether you like Tudor or not, but if you like any of the eras that this exhibition covers then it is a must see and you will not be disappointed, I know that I wasn’t!

Heraldic Beasts

For more photos of the items that are on display at the V&A please click the link below


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