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Review of Fallen in Love: The Secret Heart of Anne Boleyn

So on Saturday I went to The Tower of London for a day out and also to see the play that is on there and this was its last weekend!


The play is done by the Red Rose Chain and is written and directed by Joanna Carrick and stars Emma Connell as Anne Boleyn and Scott Ellis as George Boleyn.


I have been wanting to see the play since it came out last year and was excited when I heard it was going to be on at the Tower! I must say I was a bit unsure as I started reading the mixed reviews but I went in with an open mind and this is what I think.


So Darren, Katherine and I sat down to what was a very intimate play, in fact the most intimate play I have ever seen, with only about 50 people watching and two actors. It starts with George coming out and laying on a bed writing a song and starting to sing it. Not far into George singing you hear a woman speaking in French; the woman turns out to  be Anne and they are seeing each other for the first time in ages at Field of the Cloth of Gold 1520. From there you go on a journey with them touching on many highs and lows - finishing with the fatal day in 1536.


The play really touches on the closeness of the two Boleyn’s and how they were very much alike wanting to have fun, intelligent and witty unlike Mary (they poke fun at her at times) who is not like them. Watching this play is very much like you jump back to certain points in Anne and George’s life, such as when Anne is telling George about the king having eyes for her and when she is raving at George that Catherine is still making Henry’s shirts! There is a scene that is the morning that George is to marry Jane Parker but George has been out all night in Southwark drinking and seeing the ladies of the area and not wanting to marry Jane.


As you travel through the events in time with them you see how they change, Anne more then George but you see how their relationship changes too and how at times the certain events put a strain on it to the point that Anne slaps George (and yes he did feel it); but no matter what they were still there for each other.


Throughout the play you feel the joy and even the raw anger that would have been, you feel the closeness of a brother and sister some may say was too close and why it could have been seen that they had an incestuous relationship – me personally, I did not see that. I saw two people that were close that were there for each other when there was no other they could trust, where they can share their hope, joy and their sadness, heartache and the fear.


The part that really did get me was the ending, I really don’t want to give away an ending that has been so well done, but I was very close to tears and had a big lump in my throat I had goose pimples over my body from the chills of such a dramatic play and ending. We know they both die but it is how well it is done and I felt I was there seeing the last moments of two people’s lives; that I had just been a fly on the wall.


The whole play was great and I really loved the great attention that has been paid to the clothes that is worn throughout. Beautifully made and fitting every scene perfectly. Love all of them but my favourite has to be the black fitted grown!


Emma Connell is the finest actress that I have seen play Anne. Emma is the embodiment of how I see Anne and Emma really bought Anne back to us - you could not take your eyes off her and she commanded the room just as you would expect her too. Scott Ellis is also the finest actor and fits how I see George. Just like Emma he bought back a person that we had lost until now! I love his impersonation of Henry. He too commanded the floor!


Joanna Carrick is an outstanding writer and has really put hard work into bringing Anne and George back to life. Ms Carrick made sure that you would be gripped and on the edge of your seats throughout and needing a tissue at the end. Thank you Joanna!


Darren’s Review: Sitting in the armoury room of The Tower of London in close proximity to a sawn off four poster bed after reading and hearing mixed reviews of Fallen in Love:  The Secret Heart of Anne Boleyn , I was not sure what to expect; or indeed if I was going to like it.

As it turns out my worries were for nought as the play was well written and the actors, Emma Connell and Scott Ellis, brought energy, passion, feeling and emotion in abundance. From the start I was drawn into the story unfolding not more than a couple of feet in front of me. I was swept along by the performance and thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. It was an emotional rollercoaster and Miss Connell is an exceptional Anne Boleyn and is everything I would like to think Anne was.


Katherine’s Review: A spellbinding play that had you gripped from the moment it started right to the end. It was the finest play that has been researched and acted out well by both actors and credit goes to the fabulous writer for bringing us a play that I won’t forget!


Emma’s conclusion: An epic play that is a must see for any Tudor lover! It is emotionally charged from the start and will bring tears to your eyes! If I had to recommend one play to see it would be Fallen in Love.


Photo after the play with Emma who played Anne Boleyn


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