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The Tudor Roses are going to Spookfest 2012!

On Saturday 26th May The Tudor Roses are going to Dudley Castle to take part in Compass Paranormal Events' Spookfest 2012.


This event is something a bit different for the Roses and we are very excited about being part of it and cannot wait. If you are not of faint heart why not visit the Spookfest 2012 website and book your tickets...they are going fast!!

Standing tall over the Black Country town, Dudley Castle is a foreboding place, with a history of siege, death, plague, anguish, torture and witchcraft!

When you enter the grounds at 6pm, a torch lit path will take you up the steep incline to where medieval performers will cast a spell of magic over you as the impending evening begins to unfold.

If you want to steady your nerves before the clouds gather, take a walk around the Psychic Fayre where you can buy mystical items to maybe offer you protection, or have your tarot cards read or have a personal reading as the clock ticks towards 10pm. If you’re searching for something really special, you’ll also maybe have a chance to meet Derek Acorah, Richard Felix and Denise Mott and purchase their books and DVD’s as the tension mounts.

At 9pm the gates will open to the walled Courtyard, where a huge stage will herald the evening that is in front of you, live experiments, all with audience participation, delving into the world of the unknown.

You are welcome to find your comfortable spot to sit, drink and eat from your own provisions as the sky grows darker.

As the clock strikes 10pm, International Spirit Medium Derek Acorah and paranormal historian Richard Felix will be joined on stage by ghost hunter Denise Mott, host Paul Gannon, plus special guests as the team behind the UK’s most successful interactive paranormal production, “ Psychic & Science ” takes to the stage.



The atmosphere heightens as Derek connects with his spirit guide, Sam to bring forward the spirits that haunt this darkening courtyard. Maybe some of the messages are for people in the audience or maybe some are the ghosts of legends who still reside within the castle ruins.

Richard Felix regales stories of hauntings that go back over many many years as the team begin the first of tonight’s experiments with a Ouija Board. Volunteers are chosen from the brave to come up onto the stage as the lights are dimmed and the spirits brought forward.

Throughout the next two and a half hours, the team lead members of the audience on multiple experiments, including vigils and investigations within the darkest depths.

Live cameras relaying their experiences onto the screen overshadowing the Courtyard for all to see.






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