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Welcome to our Rose Blog!

Welcome everyone to our brand new Blog...The Rose Blog...and our very first post.

We are aiming to make The Tudor Roses more interactive with you all, allowing you to comment on what we do and where we do it, to ask us questions and to generally discuss anything you want within Tudor and related periods.

We shall be posting blogs on the history of Tudor places we visit as The Tudor Roses and incognito as our everyday-selves.

Important births, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc. will be mentioned but not majorly elaborated on as there are many blogs already doing this and we do not want to be seen as copying or just repeating others.

As we have done on our Facebook page we shall also be blogging about interesting things made in the Tudor period or owned by Tudor persons.

Events we are attending will obviously be an important part of our blog as we love it when you can come and say hi to us in the flesh, so we want to make sure you all know where we are going to be, when we are going to be there and what we will be doing.

So, we hope you enjoy our blog and that you will actively take part in it as it will be you that makes it a success and hopefully a place that is talked about within Tudor circles. We are not going to promise the earth or promise to post something everyday, but we will make every effort to make it interesting and to blog regularly to keep it all flowing nicely.


Thank you all for all the support you show us, we really do appreciate it!

The Tudor Roses

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The Tudor Roses


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